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Trevin lived in the moment and made the most of every second of his 19 years, 3 months, and 29 days.   Trevin was born 6 weeks early and since the moment he was born he had an infinite energy.   He questioned the status quo and challenged people to think outside of the box.  Quick-witted, compassionate, funny, creative, gregarious, outgoing, charming, adventurous, easily made friends, and had extraordinary tenacity.  One of Trevin's mentors said he "glowed in the dark" and drew people to him with his natural charisma. 


Trevin Shines On is dedicated to helping parents who have experienced the trauma of having a child transition before them by providing support and resources to aid in the healing process. 

I truly understand how deep grief feels and what it is like to have a child you love so immensely transition before you.  You are not alone!  Wherever you are at in your healing journey, I am sending so much love and light to you!  May this space give you hope and surround you with love, comfort, and support.

What moves through us is a silence,
a quiet sadness, a longing for
one more day,
one more word,
one more touch. 

We may not understand why you
left this earth so soon,

or why you left before we were
ready to say goodbye,

but little by little,
we begin to remember not just
that you died,
but that you Lived. 
And that your Life gave us
memories too beautiful to forget.


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